Saturday, 25 June 2011

Saturday Sewing ~ 'Square Deal' Pincushion Variation with Covered Buttons

I've spent a fair amount of time picking pins off the floor when I'm working on a project. I'm missing one essential piece of kit - a pincushion!

I can remember buying a pincushion for my mum at a school Christmas craft fair in the early 1980s. It was made by a friends mum who I'd previously watched folding squares of fabric into triangles, stuffing them and sewing then together on her machine ready for the fair.

chose some Carolyn Gavin fabric, Spring Street Buzzing Garden and Tossed Flowers in blue. Using Heather Baileys free Square Deal Pincushion pattern.

The actual pattern uses ribbon crossed over the pincushion. I haven't used it here because I didn't want to hide the Buzzing Garden design. I covered two buttons in the contrasting Tossed Flowers fabric for the top and bottom to finish it.

This was really fun to make! I'll pick some different fabric and make one for mum soon.

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